Sports we did or do with our dogs
With Lindsey we did Breitensport, Flyball and Agility

In 1998 she was Dutch Champion Breitensport. In her Career in the Breitensport she had several wins.

Flyball and Agility we only did recreational

With Cheyenne we also tried Breitensports, but because of her bad legs she could not do sports beside looking like a Queen
With Me Too we also did Breitensport, Flyball and Agility.

Me Too started in 2003 and her first competition she won. She had a Brilliant Career in the Breitenport she won most of her competitions.

She was 1 time Dutch Champion and 2 times European Champion Breitensport.

Flyball we did 1 Competition with her and that was very good not as quick as an Border , but always Steady.

Agillity we do at the moment and only recreational

With Bjelke we Also did Breitensport and Agility. She did good only when she wanted it. She did not have that spirit for it than the others.

We also tried to herd sheep with her, when the herd is together she is done and goes flat.

With Raven we do Little sports because of his hip, he has 1 A hip and 1 D hip.

We cylce a lot and i do a search game with him. I hide the weed and he has to search it.

With Indi we just started with Agility.